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Fortis Garden Residences - Preselling Makati Condo

You often see these affluent condos and wish you could afford their exorbitant prices, so you could live in one of them.

Well, here’s good news, the Fortis Garden Residences is one such quality condominium. However, you can now afford the price of the unit. The prices of the units are reasonable.

You could enjoy the same awesome amenities pegged at a price that you could afford.

Don’t worry. They have various payment options that could fit into your budget. You could talk to an in-house agent, who would accommodate your questions and financial concerns.

Where is Fortis Garden Residences located?
The Fortis is located advantageously at Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, where the hubs of city services and trade are also found. The condo’s unit areas range from 24 square meters to 84.5 square meters.

What are the advantages of living at the Fortis?
There are various advantages that you can gain when you purchase a unit at the Fortis. You may not believe it, but the condo offers you the amenities of a deluxe resort hotel.

1.    Spacious clubhouse

You could revel in the KTV, the cozy bar, or use the entertainment room and game room. You can freely use these function rooms for multiple purposes. The view deck is one feature that you should try.

2.    Clean swimming pools

The swimming pools are invigorating amenities that would make you go home hurriedly after a humid day outside. One pool is for adults, who would like to take a dip and bask in the cool, sparkling water.

The kiddie pool is appropriately designed for children. There are safety measures that would prevent unwelcomed accidents, and allow your kid to play and frolic all he wants.

3.    Play courts

For residents who would like to burn their excess fats, they can always use the play courts. This would be ideal for those who want to play daily. They don’t need to go someplace far just to play every day.

4.    Biking and jogging paths

This is perfect for older people, who want to exercise and have a breath of fresh air. Because of the lush vegetation within the perimeter of Fortis, oxygen is abundant and the air is pure.

Biking will allow you to feel the cool breeze upon your face. It would be a welcome respite from the polluted air of the city. It would like be going home to your own version of paradise.

Basic amenities

5.    Laundry station

A laundry station is located within Fortis Garden. You would need to wash your clothes regularly. This won’t be a problem because the laundry station has all necessary things to ensure that you have clean clothes to wear every day.

6.    Convenience store

The convenience store will provide your daily basic necessities, such as soap, toothpaste, and similar items. Thus, you don’t have to go out of the condo for these basic items.

7.    Water station

This water station would guarantee that the water is clean, pure and potable. It’s only a few steps away from the condo units. So, it won’t be inconvenient.

8.    Mail room

Mails sent through the post office are not popular nowadays, since emails are more convenient to use. But Fortis has this service. You may want to send gift items or handwritten letters via the mail room.

How secure is Fortis Garden Residences?

Fortis is heavily secured from outsiders and burglars. It’s a gated community with security guards, who patrol the area 24/7. CCTV cameras are installed in key areas where intruders would most likely enter.
The electrified perimeter fence gives double assurance that residents could stay safe and secure inside the condo’s area. Although the perimeter is electrified, you won’t be endangered because there are security measures set up for the residents.

What are the emergency services?
In cases of power outages, a standby generator would be automatically turned on. This will prevent residents from suffering due to the outage.
In cases of fire, alarm systems and sprinklers would be triggered inevitably to help ensure that residents are warned quickly.

Is it a good investment?
Buying a unit in Fortis is a good investment opportunity for you. Where can you find a world class condo with such competitive prices? Only DMCI condos have the same amenities.
For investment opportunities, it’s recommended that you purchase your property before the full operation of the condo, so that you can buy the unit at the lowest starting price and increase your profits later on.

What about the price? How much is one unit?

The prices of the 1 Bed Room (1BR) units range from Php 2,330,000 to Php 3,240,000. Considering the amazing facilities, it’s a bargain, right? Remember, it’s a posh condo in bustling Makati City, one of the trade melting pots of the city.

For the 2 Bed Room (2 BR) units, the prices range from Php 4,220,000 to Php 5,330,000. This unit is good for a starting family of three.

A 3 Bed Room (3 BR) unit is offered to bigger families. This unit could provide a spacious area for a family of 5. If you have enough finances, you should buy this type of unit to ensure a potential increase in your ROI.

The 3 BR has a floor area of 84.5 square meters. The price range is from Php 5,960,000 to Php 6,970,000. It’s pricey but it’s well worth all your money. Look at the projected ROI of your purchase, and decide whether to buy it or not.

After a few months, the value of your unit will surely appreciate and through the years, it will continue to do so. You could opt to sell, or lease it. Whatever you decide on, your investment would earn a considerable amount of money.


If your work is in Makati City, then buying a unit in Fortis Garden Residences is a superb idea. If you have enough finances, you must go for it. Purchase as many units as you can.

You can sell or rent out the unit after sometime to earn a good monthly income. It would be up to you. You could dictate your own terms because you have ownership of the unit.



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